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Due to the experience gained from creating Rally simulators, Team Simrac has also become a substantial training simulator designer and producer in Europe. The first ever bus simulator in Europe was created during a Finnish cooperation project where Team Simrac was chosen to design and manufacture the simulator. It is now in educational use at the Work Efficiency Institute in Vantaa, Finland. A Belgian education organization called FCBO got so impressed after seeing the bus simulator that they ordered two similar simulators for Belgium. One of the simulators was installed in VDAB training center in Temse and the other in FOREM training center in Franiére between the end of July and beginning of August 2006. Team Simrac also created on request a truck simulator built in a Scania truck body. It is now in educational use at the Work Efficiency Institute of Finland (TTS) in Vantaa, Finland, together with the first bus simulator.

The driving simulators that Team Simrac manufactures are approved by the ministry of Transport and Communications Finland and by The Finnish Vehicle Admission (AKE) as licensed educational equipment. They also fulfil the Top-of-the-Range (TOR) requirements of the EU directive EC/2003/59.

How it all started

After long discussions and negotiations the bus simulator project was finally started after cooperation formation consisting of Korsisaari Group/Nurmijärven Linja Oy, Team Larus Oy, TTS Instituutti and Motiva Oy, decided that it would be Team Simrac who should design and build the bus simulator.

After gathering an extensive amount of background information and as the financial matters were sorted the project could really be launched. Team Simrac begun the actual construction and development of the bus simulator at the end of the year 2002 and specialist groups were used to verify the characteristics of simulator during the development. Volvo Bus & Truck Finland provided a brand new full-length bus and Team Simrac could finally start working on a first bus simulator made for educational purposes. Team Simrac used 5 meters of the full-length bus to create a sense of a big vehicle. It was also important for a bus simulator to be able to take on passengers. Thus the bus simulators made by Team Simrac takes on 11 passengers in addition to the driver and the driver’s teacher. This way different kind of customer service situations can be practiced in the simulator as well since they too are an important part of a bus driver’s work .

Eero Pajarre started modifying the virtual city scenery that was used before and also the physics of the heavy equipment to be more suitable to the educational environment. Mika Leppälahti on his behalf contemplated the electrics and the controls of the motion platform that moves the body. Both were known to us already from the creation and production process of the rally simulators and are true gurus in their own fields of work. On 24th of February, after countless hours of hard work the bus was handed over to the customer and Leena Luhtanen, who was the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications at the time, inaugurated it officially by driving it for the first time.

Encouraged by the good experience gained through the use of the bus simulator, TTS decided to order a truck simulator also from Team Simrac. Despite the tight schedule and new challenges it brought, Team Simrac succeeded once again and the first ever truck driving simulator in Finland was delivered to the customer in May 2006.

Bus simulator, Simrac Bus Volvo

The Simrac Bus Volvo has been modified from a real bus for simulator use. We utilized about 5 m long, 2,25 m wide and 3,5 m tall part if the body with the windows, windshield and the back wall still attached. All the meters, monitors and switches on the dashboard function just like in a real Volvo bus. You can also choose from 7 gear manual or 4 gear automatic transmission. There can be 11 passengers besides the driver and the driver’s teacher. The motion platform that moves the car functions with compressed air and it is controlled by a self-standing control unit which responses to whatever the driver does and also to the changes in the terrain. As technology has gone forward, some parts of the Simrac Bus Volvo have been updated.

Simrac Bus VanHool

The bodies for the simulators that the Belgians ordered came from Van Hool according to the sketches of Team Simrac. These bodies were already custom made at the factory for simulator purposes unlike the Volvo body. The simulator movement is based on a motion platform that operates with compressed air and the central unit which controls it. In principle these two bus simulators are similar to the one built in the Volvo body.

Truck simulator, Simrac Truck Scania

Just like the bus simulators Team Simrac built their truck simulator into a modified body of a real vehicle. Simrac Truck Scania was built into a perfect body of a Scania R Topline truck without any frame structure. Like in the bus simulators the movements of the truck simulator is due to the motion platform that works with compressed air together with the control unit. All control devices function like in a real Scania truck.

Bus & Truck simulators brochure is now available!
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