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Speedy history

Hannu and Heikki Kosonen have been developing simulators since 1995. First prototype was a metal chassis called "Hetekka". Next version was build into car chassis in 1996. At same year present partners were joined in the project. Electronic expert Mika Leppälahti with Simrac produced Simrac-Micra in 1997 and it offered a real-time driving experience. Third developement version was build inside of Volvo S40. It has been circulating company events and exhibitions around world since 1998.

Our latest specification simulator is build into classis of Volkswagen Golf. Due hard developement work it is complitely build for rally experience purposes. Eero Pajanne is our computer and modeling expert. He has produced legendary special stage of Ouninpohja, which is quite a achievement in present day. The stage is combined to Simrac Golf so that whatever the driver do in the cabin, it is also done realtime in wide giant screen. Simrac-Golf offers a true rally experience and Simrac personel keeps doing constant developement work.

Simrac has also a product for traffic education. A simulator for city driving can be used f.ex as a ambulance driving scenario.

Simrac has six personel working for you. Founders Hannu and Heikki Kosonen together with partners Mika Leppälahti and Eero Parjanne are valuable team members aswell as Seppo and Joonas Kosonen.


Simrac simulator technology can be used in other different simulator applications. At the moment Team Simrac is interested in building car simulators like rally and traffic. Rally simulators have been very good projects because they include high demandings in technology, strength and usability.

Simrac technology can be used in following applications:

- Flight simulators
- Motocross and trial simulators
- Boat and submarine simulators
- Construction machine simulators

A simulator can be build into any mechanical basis using computer, automation and pneumatic. Team Simrac Finland has all necessary know-how for different kind of simulators.

Latest project in simulators are a simulator for driving schools and researchers for driving in variable conditions and to practice and study different kind of situations.

No matter what your simulator need or usage is, a Simrac simulator is must for experience first!
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