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Highslide JSJanuary 2010

Happy New Year to everybody! The beginning of the year started of pleasantly active. Team Simrac participated VM Motorsportshow held at the Helsinki ice rink on January 16th and 17th. Even though it was a bit chilly at the ice rink we had a nice crowd of drivers. By the end of Sunday the fastest five drivers were:

1. Bågman 2:11,29
2. Pajalin 2:11,60
3. Laaksonen 2:17,03
4. Eerola 2:22,33
5. Vainio 2:24,54

Also on January 30th Simrac Focus visited vocational education center Iisakki in Hämeenkyrö.
Many thanks to all visitors and event organizers!

February 2010

Incouraged by many inquiries we decieded to arrange another set of "Open Door"-days in February in addition to the traditional Open Door -days held in July. Tuesdays from 15:00 to 18:00 o´clock and Wednesday from 11:00 to 14:00 o´clock in February were chosen to be the "lucky days". Unfortunately we had a water damage in our facilities and repairing of the damage could not be made without interrupting our simulator functions.

The renovation that started on February 15th led to the unfortunate situation where we were forced to cancel already booked events and also the Open Door -days. This was the first time in Team Simrac´s history we had to do so. We would like to apologize sincerely about the interruption and trouble that the renovation caused. We also hope we can provide the customers who´s events we had to cancel new suitable dates to replace the cancelled ones.

The Open Door -days that had to be canceled will continue as soon as the renovation is over. Information of this will be published on our web page and in Moro-magazine.

Team Simrac participated the Information & Initiative Days (I & I days) organized by the European Social partners, the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) for the employees, and the European Committee of UITP for the employers, with the collaboration of the AFT, in Bruxelles Belgium on February 4th and 5th. Among many great speakers our education simulator customers Mr. Aarno Lybeck from TTS and Mr. Jan Deman from FCBO had their turn at the speaker ´s podium. The event was by all means pleasant and interesting. Many thanks to all participants as well as the organizers.

Highslide JSMarch 2010

The renovation is all most over and we can open our doors again! So, the "Open Door" -days interrupted by the renovation will continue as before starting on Tuesday March 16th and will last until the end of March. So Open Door -days on Tuesdays from 15:00 to 18:00 o´clock and Wednesdays from 11:00 to 14:00 o´clock! Welcome!

April 2010

It´s time to close the books on Simrac´s "Open Door" -days for now. Big thanks to all visitors! The five fastest drivers during the "Open Door" -days held in March were as follows:
1. Kristian Kiviniemi, 2:25,79
2. Jouni Savisto, 2:30,30
3. Ville Kivimaa, 2:32,01
4. Jussi Niva, 2:36,00
5. Antti Hirvonen, 2:37,36

May 2010

Summer Season has now been opened! Thanks to RS Huolto for arranging the event and all vistors and participants!

Simrac Focus -rallysimulator will be available for audience at Summer Season opening days arranged by RS Huolto (www.rsh.fi). Price for a simulator drive will be 15€. Driver should be 18 years of age and not under the influence of alcohol. Among other things, special models from Ford and Skoda will be present.

We would like to offer our sincere condolences for those concerned by the very sad and unforunate events that took place in the Uusikaupunki -rally.

June 2010

June started of pretty much like May. Bit slow in the beginning but busier towards the end of the month. Saturdays started to fill up quite quickly from stag party groups and unfortunately we
weren´t able to find suiteble times for all.

June 18th Simrac Focus was invited to Peltolan Pussi Oy to give the staff a spin in Ouninpohja.

Many thanks to all visitors and event organizers!

Highslide JS
Highslide JS
Highslide JS
Highslide JS
Highslide JS
July 2010

July turned out be quite busy. The weekends were filled by stag party groups, Finland´s WRC event Neste Oil Rally was held on the last weekend of the month in Jyväskylä and the traditional "Open Door" -days held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays were quite popular too. Thanks to all visitors and participants!

Now to the results! Simrac Focus simulator rally at Neste Oil Rally was driven in the Pengonpohja scenery, same as last year, but with the difference that the route was driven in the opposite direction. Car simulated for the rally was Fiesta S2000. Henning Solberg also visited Team Simrac´s stand and took Simrac Focus for a spin. The competition itself was very tight as allways. Many of the competitors knocked on the two and a half minutes time but the final top three was formed by the following gravel gladiators:
1. Ville Kivimaa 2:23,54
2. Markku Kivelä 2:26,14
3. Antti Suutarinen 2:27,36

Congratulations to the top three! You will be contacted shortly regarding the prizes. Also big thanks to all participants!

Top five of the July´s "Open Door" -days on the Hämepohjan section of Ouninpohja was as follows:
1. Ville Kivimaa 2:23,64
2. Seppälä Kalle 2:43,54
3. Antti Hirvonen 2:44,63
4. Rantala Mika 2:48,81
5. Savisto Jouni 2:49,87

Thanks to all participants! Information on the next "Open Door" -days will be posted on our website as soon as the date has been set.

Team Simrac´s "Open Door" -days are here again! Starting from Tuesday July 6th and will last until the end of July as follows:
Tuesdays from 14:00 to 17:00 o´clock
Wednesday from 10:00 to 13:00 o´clock
(NOTE! Due to Neste Oil Rally the "Open Doors" are closed on Wednesday July 28th.)

For the 13th time in a row Team Simrac heads to Jyväskylä and Neste Oil Rally this July. Simrac Focus will be available for the audience from July 29th to 31st at the Rally Expo.

August 2010

Thanks again to all visitors and participants in August!

Highslide JS
Etelä-Savon Koulutus Oy has chosen Team Simrac Finland Oy to deliver them a movable  learning environment for logistics sector including a truck simulator

More information on the education side of our web pages.
You can there by clicking here.

September 2010

On Saturday, September 11th, Simrac Focus visited Orimattilan Kehräämö at a customer day- happening arranged by Mur-Mar Oy. Thanks to all participants, organizers and the staffs of companies operating at the Kehräämö facilities.

Highslide JSJonne Aaron from the rock band Negative and Ville Liimatainen from Flinch despite their busy schedule stoped by to take Simrac Focus for a spin. After a calm start the competetive instinct started to sneak in and crashes and roll-overs couldn´t be avoided in this brotherly race. Luckily it was "just" a simulator so the drivers were unharmed and the car suffered no real damage. The race was tight and small mistakes turned out to cost a lot. On Jonne´s best run the clock was stopped at 2:46,90 and Ville´s best was 3:03,48. Thanks for your visit and all the best and success for both!  More pictures in our gallery and some InCar video will be posted later on.

Highslide JSDecember 2010

Many thanks to all our new and old customers and partners! All the best to all of you for the year to come!
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